Leanne Jacobson

Leanne is an evaluator and researcher who has been consulting for Catalyst since it’s inception in 2010. Her doctoral level training in developmental psychology, where her studies focused on the impact of context, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic status on adolescent social and emotional development combined with direct service work in community based programs serving abused and neglected children and youth lends well to working with community based organizations, institutions, and academia. Leanne is a lifelong learner who is partial to projects that focus on eliminating equity gaps, give youth the space and skills to share their voice, and those that connect children to nature.

What I’m Working On

  • Data collection for FRLT Learning Landscapes program from teacher and student participants and nonparticipants.
  • Data collection training and support for the K12 Leadership Land Trust CoP. Land Trust K12 Educators are piloting outcome measures.
  • Focus groups with Science ATL’s SPSP program participants who include STEM Professionals and Educators.
  • Mid-cycle audit with the Climate Change and Me project.

Coming Soon

  • Reports for K12 Land Trust CoP including a summary of findings from the Learning Landscapes evaluation.
  • Science ATL’s SPSP program Evaluation Report
  • Climate Change and Me EOY report