Maren Harris

Maren is an independent educational researcher and evaluator located in New Jersey. A former teacher, she received her Ed.M. in Administration, Planning and Social Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has worked with Catalyst since 2012. Currently, she is focused on the WeatherBlur citizen science project. Maren enjoys digging through the data to find the real story and finding compelling ways to share those findings both in writing and through co-interpretation sessions. Her skill set includes instrument development; data collection via surveys, interviews, focus groups and observation; qualitative data analysis; report writing; and NVivo.

What I’m Working On

  • Data collection and report writing for Bell Museum summative assessment of Toolkit Activities
  • Planning and data collection for University of Arizona Research Development evaluation
  • Development of Guide for Collaborative Writing Process (with MMSA)

Coming Soon

  • Revisions to Strategies for Effective Codesign manuscript (for publication)
  • Report writing and submission, followed by debrief and strategic planning meetings with University of Arizona Research Development department
  • Applying for conference presentations on accountability structures of WeatherBlur’s codesign module (with MMSA)